Looking back on Day 14 of lockdown

Get well soon



In early March, when the Corona Virus impact was peaking in Wuhan, India was just starting to take precautions. The ringing sound on phones was replaced – not by music but by a cough followed by a Corona virus message telling us to wash our hands. The message has kept changing, offering other advice to keep safe.


wash hands


Precautionary measures started being put in place. Malls and theatres were the first public places that were asked to close. International travellers were asked to quarantine themselves. Big parks shut.

park closed

Over the world, people tried to find their own solutions to the COVID-19 problem.

drawn masks

gaumutra party

man with ring

A one day nation-wide curfew in India on 22nd March, followed by a 21-day lockdown meant that only essential services/offices would remain open. This till 14th April as per current plan.

turn back

No flights. No trains. No buses. No driving. No going to office. No school. No parties. No parks. No temples. No outdoor active exercising. No domestic help. Wash hands. Stay home. Wear face masks if you need to step out. Social distancing is the keyword.

china whatsapp

Adversity brings out the best in creativity, and Whatsapp does full justice to the time people spend on dishing out entertainment for everyone. Enjoy!

sita lockdown


dont go down

fight together


doc and cop
Cop and Doc

birds in nest


Only the day matters when you’re locked in for weeks

punjab social distancing




ikea bench

bags social distancing


parle g


what to buy

lockdown schedule


too much TV

animals on road

car parked

stomach out


Not like a Sunday

big ears

wash husband

where is husband


saving the race

day 7 quarantine

alcohol fm sanitizer

organic mask

cover mouth at home


no beauty parlour
Beauty parlours are shut!


spend time with wife

bai broom



no mobile

google maps

repeating dreams


grant work

what do you want to eat

maid and madam

missing the local train
Missing the trips on the local train

door exit


first meeting

after quarantine

fat dear


5-Apr diya

light modi

fake Nasa
Fake picture beware
tiger gets virus
6th April, tiger tests +ve for Covid-19

made in china


Today is Day 14 of lockdown. 7 more days to 14th April. How much longer after that, we do not know, but when this is over…

when this ends

All the images posted are from Whatsapp forwards and owned by their creators. Thank you for making us smile and think and be grateful! Stay safe.

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