Security tag on clothes

After a very long time, I actually did some mall shopping. With a few functions around the corner, I needed some formal clothes, and nothing like fitting them out in a store before buying. The trial, selection and checkout was quick, and just in time to beat the evening traffic. On reaching home, while retrying the clothes to ensure no post-purchase dissonance, I found that one of the security tags was still on the garment. It was surprising that the sensors at the store had not detected it. It saved possible embarrassment of an alarm going off, and also time, but here I was with the prospect of going back all the way to the store to get the tag removed.

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Upcycling socks: Sock quilt

All of us have been in the situation of hunting for a missing sock. I for one do not feel at peace until I have searched everywhere – the washing machine, the laundry bin, the clothes line and the cupboards – until my socks are reunited. Given that I am not always successful, you can imagine that I must be quite a disturbed soul – once every month at least, if research findings are to go by!

A study by Samsung in 2016 (you can read the details here) reveals that “we each lose an average of 1.3 socks per month – accounting for more than 15 socks per year and 1,264 over a lifetime”. Though this study was done in Britain, it could well apply to any country where people wear socks.

So what does one do with the single socks?

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