Grandma gone, a year on

Today was when our beloved grandma Kalyani left us, one year ago.

Gma first anniv 2019-09-26

The last couple of years of her life, grandma stayed mainly with my younger aunt Pappi (Ramani). For her, that feeling of emptiness lingers on, expressed in these these two poems that she recently wrote.


Mourn not when she is gone
Death was certain when she was born
When she was there you did care
And why now do you grieve when she’s not there

She has flown to a better place
This was all by God’s grace
God gave her a long lease
Leave her soul to rest in peace


All I see is an empty space
I wish I could see my mother’s face
The nurse arrived
Breakfast was on
Mum had her fill
Then took a pill
“Pappi” she cried
She was in pain
We tried to save her
But all in vain

Her soul it flew to heaven
And found a safe haven
Mum joined my father in the heavenly abode
Happy with him
With a mind free of load

                            – By Ramani Nair

Though not physically around, alive she is, in our hearts and memory, and we often feel her presence as we go about our daily chores. We see her in my mother and aunts (and even in my uncle!). And in that badminton ball tree she planted at Puttenahalli Lake on her 90th. Read the obituary I wrote here.

Grandmas do make the world a happier place, and lucky are those of us who have had our grandmas around us during our growing-up years.

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