Meeting old school friends

Mom finished Std 11 at Sacred Heart Girls’ High School way back in 1962. Living in Richmond Town has been convenient to keep in touch with old school friends, though they seldom really meet these days. Yesterday, mom caught up with a few of them. It was Mary (Veena) aunty’s birthday, and her daughter Gitu had organised this surprise lunch party for her.

Mom doesn’t venture out of Richmond Town much, usually going only to places that are walkable distance. She is very wary of taxis, so when she does go a bit away, she generally likes to have someone with her. This outing though, she didn’t have to worry. Gitu picked up the old ladies and dropped them back.  Gitu later sent me these lovely pics. Looks like they had a great time talking about old times. Even when leaving, they couldn’t stop!

Sacred Heart group 13-Jul-2018

(L-R) Neelavani, Radha, Rukmani, Mary, Lena, Patricia

Sacred Heart group2 13-Jul-2018

Cant stop talking 2018-07-13