Trojaborg, find your inner peace

Adults and children moving purposefully between boulders. This was the scene outside the Viking Museum at Roskilde, Denmark. On close observation, the boulders mark out a Trojaborg labyrinth, similar to those from the Bronze Age.

Trojaborg at Roskilde
Trojaborg labyrinth at Roskilde, Denmark (Apr 2018)

The labyrinth and the movement through its paths are often used today as a form of meditation which gives focus and inner peace.


A sign board gave the following information:

In Scandinavia, Trojaborg are often associated with the superstitions of sailors and fishermen. The Trojaborg could help to contain ominous winds or act as a trap for the fairy folk who persecuted people and brought bad luck. When the fishermen went slowly into the labyrinth, the fairy folk would follow. The fishermen could then run out and quickly take to the sea while the fairy folk struggled to find their way out of the paths. 

The labyrinth at Roskilde has been inspired by a classic seven-path labyrinth that was carved onto a stone near the ruins of the monastic settlement of Glendalough in Ireland. The stone was found in 1908 and is an important place of pilgrimage.

One needs to move through the labyrinth, reach the centre and then back out. You risk invoking bad luck if you jump over boulders or cheat your way around!


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  1. Sadah May 29, 2018 / 12:27 pm

    Nice piece.

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