Birds seen in Europe (Part 3)

Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

The most seen bird in Bangalore during our childhood was easily the sparrow.  They’d be all over the backyard, bathing in the open tank, picking at the sun-dried grain and nesting right in our house in-between the roof tiles. It seems that sparrows have vanished from our homes in Bangalore, so whenever I see them in other places, I always stop to watch (though I still have the pleasure of seeing them in Mumbai where I now live).

House Sparrow

The sparrows we saw in Denmark and Norway were much fluffier than the ones we have in India, overweight by our sparrow standards, and better equipped to tackle the low temperatures they encounter.

Sparrow female Tivoli
House Sparrow female, Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark

Sparrow male Tivoli
House Sparrow male, Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark
House Sparrow female Oslo
House Sparrow female, Oslo, Norway
House Sparrow male Oslo
House Sparrow male, Oslo, Norway

In Flam, it was a delight to watch them picking up sticks, straw, feathers and other material that would make their nests comfortable, and in-between getting distracted by food droppings.

Flam, Norway
Sparrow Flam with nest matter
House Sparrow female, Flam, Norway
Flam House Sparrow male-
House Sparrow male, Flam, Norway
House sparrow on roof
House Sparrow male, Flam, Norway
Sparrow Flam
House Sparrow male, Flam, Norway
Sparrow on tree
House Sparrow, Flam, Norway
Sparrow among rocks
House Sparrow, Flam, Norway

White Wagtail

Giving the sparrows competition for the food in Flam were the White Wagtails. Sprinting around, they were quick to appear and disappear in a wink.

Wagtail running
White Wagtail, Flam, Norway
White Wagtail Flam
White Wagtail, Flam, Norway

Common/Eurasian Blackbird

We were walking to get to the Viking Museum in Roskilde, Denmark and I was sure that I had spotted a jungle myna… just looked different from the Indian species. It turned out that this jet black bird with a bright yellow beak and eye-ring was a Common Blackbird.

Woods in Roskilde
Walkway-Cycleway in Roskilde
Roskilde Denmark Common Blackbird
Common Blackbird, Roskilde, Denmark


While is Oslo, there was another unfamiliar bird. Walking on the grass in the company of a Blackbird was a brownish-grey heavily spotted bird with yellow bill. It took some effort to ID the bird as a Fieldfare, belonging to the thrush family.

Oslo Fieldfare
Fieldfare, Oslo

More birds soon!

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