Copenhagen Metro Construction Site

The Copenhagen Metro is a quick and efficient way of getting around the city and neighbouring municipalities. Having started operations in 2002, this driverless system complements the local trains, buses and water buses that together form one of the world’s best public transport networks that operates 24/7. And it is being improved with the construction of two new metro lines to add to the existing two lines.

metro underpass
Underpass to one of the metro stations

Copenhagen’s public transport is also expensive. In fact, it was declared to be the most expensive with the average price of a single journey ticket costing the equivalent of about $4.30 (Source:, Aug 2017).

During our visit to Copenhagen in April-May 2018, we had bought Copenhagen Cards that entitle you unlimited rides on public transport and entry to several attractions. Still,  we did a lot of walking, so our time on the metro was limited. On one of our walks, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the construction site at the very popular City Hall Square was open to the public to take a look.

Metro construction sign
Of course we did not know till we read the sign!
construction in the background
At the Dragon Fountain, City Hall Square

Behind the ‘Game of Thrones’ ad wall lies the City Hall Square metro construction site.

footpath next to the metro site
Walking to City Hall Square, one side of the footpath is cordoned off
public amenities at the site
Rest rooms at the construction site, open to the public

There are steps that take you up to a viewing platform.

entrance to construction site
Entrance for the public to view the construction in progress

The City Circle Line in the heart of the city is an underground 15-km loop. You don’t have to imagine how it is being done because there’s a diagram to explain.

steps of construction
Metro construction explained

It was interesting to see the site and some of the workmen. The boring and initial base work seems to be done here.

construction site 1

construction site 2
The metro construction site at City Hall Square

And you get a feel of being a part of the construction process when you stick your face in the cut-out!

construction worker

The City Circle Line is set to open in July 2019. They are getting there!

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