Birds spotted in Europe (Part 2)

Read Part 1 here.

The King’s Garden is the oldest park in Copenhagen, established in the 17th century, abutting the Rosenborg Castle of King Christian IV. On our first morning in Copenhagen, we spent some time walking through this 12-hectare park, taking in the sights and smells of the Danish spring.

walk through Kings Garden
King’s Garden, Copenhagen

Hooded Crow

Here and there, strutting around on the green grass of the King’s Garden with authority were these birds that behaved like our Indian House Crows, but they looked different – dominant light grey plumage with glossy black restricted to head, throat, wings and tail. They were bigger but with the same boldness, not hesitating to walk close to humans. We didn’t see many crows during the rest of our trip.

Hooded Crow Copenhagen

Hooded Crow 2 Copenhagen
Hooded Crow, King’s Garden, Copenhagen

Western Jackdaw

At Leiden we saw what looked like smaller Indian crows. We discovered that these are Western Jackdaws, belonging to the same genus as the crows (Corvus).

Western Jackdaw Leiden
Western Jackdaw, Leiden, The Netherlands

Rock Dove/Pigeon

The common pigeons, the Rock Doves were almost everywhere we went in Europe. Fluffed up in the cold, males chasing females was a familiar sight. While they look quite similar across the cities where I have seen them, individually they can look quite different.

Rock Doves 2 Copenhagen
Rock Doves in Copenhagen
Rock Dove 1Copenhagen
Rock Dove in Copenhagen, Denmark
Rock Dove Bergen
Rock Dove in Bergen, Norway
Rock Doves Bergen
Rock Doves in Bergen, Norway
White Rock Doves
White Rock Doves in Copenhagen, Denmark
Rock Dove Oslo
Rock Dove in Oslo, Norway
Rock Dove asleep Oslo
Asleep atop a lamp post – Rock Dove in Oslo, Norway

Common Wood Pigeon

We don’t find the Common Wood Pigeon in the southern part of India, so despite its similarity to the Rock Pigeon it gains one’s attention. Quite elegant it looks with the neat white bands on its neck.

Common Wood Pigeon Tivoil Copenhagen
Common Wood Pigeon at Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen
Common Wood Pigeon 2 Tivoli
Common Wood Pigeon picking at food droppings, at Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen
Common Wood Pigeon The Hague
Common Wood Pigeon at The Hague, The Netherlands

I’ll be writing about more birds in future posts.

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