The most beautiful spring garden in the world


IMG_3795 Holland equals Keukenhof
Developing new tulips is a long-drawn process, taking several years

Our family (with the Pai family) was fortunate to visit Keukenhof on 27th April this year (King’s Day, the birthday of King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands). “The most beautiful spring garden in the world”, spread over 32 hectares, is open for about eight weeks every year, during March-May (Dutch spring). So one needs to plan well to get to see the millions of flowers, primarily tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, in full bloom. This period and the weeks prior to it are busy for the Dutch floriculture industry, enabling flower and bulb sellers display live brochures of their products.

IMG_3836 Keukenhof entry
After entering the park
IMG_3837 Keukenhof artwork
Tulip artwork
IMG_3733 Keukenhof free maps
The free maps are important to find one’s way around the extensive park…
IMG_3808 Keukenhof
… and to decide what to see in the limited time at hand
IMG_3772 Keukenhof old people
An old lady visiting in a stretcher-bed along with her caregivers
IMG_3739 Keukenhof
There is space for everyone… walkers, wheelchairs, strollers…

The Adriaen is a street organ built in 1978 using old organ parts. It uses punch cards to make music and has been playing at Keukenhof for over 25 years. During the rest of the year, it plays at locations all over the world.

IMG_3773 Keukenhof organ
The Adriaen

IMG_3785 Keukenhof

There are loads of photo ops.

IMG_3750 Keukenhof

At Keukenhof
Pai and Manay-Yajaman families

IMG_3799 KeukenhofIMG_3775 Keukenhof cowIMG_7415IMG_3755 Keukenhof

IMG_3820 Keukenhof cat
Dutch ‘kat’ alone for but a fleeting moment

IMG_3787 KeukenhofIMG_3788 Keukenhof

The Keukenhof interactive zoo with sheep, rabbits and other domestic animals is a good distraction from the flowers.

IMG_3826 Keukenkof zoo
The Keukenhof interactive zoo

The maze.

IMG_3824 Keukenhof maze1
The watch tower at the end of the maze gives a good view of the park and adjoining tulip fields

IMG_3832 Keukenhof maze2

Exploring the flower fields.

One can take a ride through the fields in the ‘whisper boats’…
IMG_8572 walk near the fields Keukenhof
… or just walk around (thanks Lalit for the pic)

Tulips are named after people places and things.

IMG_3807 Keukenhof walk of fame

IMG_3812 Keukenhof Van Gogh
Tulipa Vincent van Gogh – tulips with a deep velvety look
IMG_3748 Keukenhof Tulipa Rembrandt
Tulipa Rembrandt

The Rembrandt tulips have cultivars with broken colours and stripes that are caused by virus infection. Different colour breaks depend on the variety of tulip and strain of virus.

Every year, the Keukenhof flower show is built around a theme.

‘Romance in Flowers’, the special theme for 2018
IMG_3774 Keukenhof pink
Pretty in pink

IMG_3798 Keukenhof

And if you haven’t had enough of the flowers…

IMG_3752 KeukenhofIMG_3753 Keukenhof red openIMG_3764 KeukenhofIMG_3789IMG_3804 KeukenhofIMG_3806 Keukenhof inside tulipIMG_7411IMG_7413IMG_20180427_105740-001

We had covered only a small portion of the park before it was time to leave, but we must admit we have seen our fair share of Dutch flowers.

IMG_7434 Keukenhof
Keukenhof… till next time

Getting there: Keukenhof is next to Lisse village. From Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport or Leiden Centraal station one can reach Keukenhof directly by buses that run specially to Keukenhof. The journey by bus takes 30-40 minutes.

Opening dates for 2019: 21st March to 19th May

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