Studying environment in the city

The most efficient place for children to study environment is the environment!

Received these two pages from my mother. Saved by one of mom’s teacher-colleagues, from The Instructor magazine of May 1967, it explains how teachers can teach children in urban areas, about the environment.

Today’s children will, at some time, control decisions affecting the future of their environment – the air they breathe, the water they drink, the food they eat.

Given that the article is over 50 years old, these “children” would be those in the 55-65 age group… almost the generation of our parents. It is evident that some of decisions taken in the last 50-odd years (like the loss of lakes in Bangalore), have had a detrimental effect on our environment. While we are trying to take corrective action, we need to teach today’s children. Despite all the changes we’ve encountered, it is amazing how relevant the article is today.

Outdoor Science pg 1

Outdoor Science pg 2

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