Keep the faith

Money stolen in 2006, returned in 2017. That’s a whopping 10-11 years!

Jane with her cheque 30 Dec 2017Jane (radiant in pink) with her friend Ezme D’Mello, Police Inspector Jadhav (with cheque) and Head Police Constable Choudhury, at Bandra Railway Police Station, 30th Dec 2017 (Photo courtesy Jane)

On 26th Dec 2017, my friend Jane Sequeira-Rodriques, a social worker and activist who runs a hearing-aid centre in Mumbai, was surprised and happy to receive a postcard from the Bandra Police. It asked her to visit the police station to collect a cheque for Rs 5000/-. This was not some prize she had won in a contest or lottery. It was the amount that was robbed from her at Bandra railway station way back in 2006.

At that time, Jane had immediately lodged a police complaint at the station at Bandra West. She kept following up with regular visits and letters to the police station. In 2007 she was summoned to Mumbai Central Court to identify the robber. Subsequently, she found it difficult to follow-up and this was put on the back-burner, almost forgotten.

10-11 years is a long time. And getting back stolen money, that too from a pickpocket! How many people would actually approach the police to lodge a complaint? The common man does feel intimidated by the men in uniform. And then how many would pursue the police to remind them that the case will not be forgotten? I am not sure if Jane’s case is an exception, but to see that the policemen do put in the effort to help deliver justice to citizens, gives us hope.

Jane says, “Thank you God. Thank u to cops. And thanks to my government for finally getting my cash back from the pickpocket.”

Well done Bandra Police! And well done Jane, for the patience and persistence.

A heart-warming story before we step into the new year. Wishing you all a fulfilling 2018. And yes, keep the faith!

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