The Dingy Bushbrown

It’s not everyday that one sees a pretty flying creature inside a 9th floor apartment in Mumbai. One that is not a pest or predator that is.

I watched it, settled on the floor for a little while. Ran to the cupboard and grabbed my camera, returning to find that it had not moved. Then it fluttered off and I followed, not to let it get out of sight. As long as it was not being bothered, it was fine sitting at a spot for a few minutes. But I guess I kept bothering it, trying to get close. I switched lenses for better shots. The light was not good so I needed the flash. Carpet, floor, kitchen towel… it settled here and there. The pictures didn’t come easily, but the effort was satisfactory! And then it vanished.

Dingy Bushbrown

As I pored over my butterfly books trying to ID it, I was amazed at how many different butterflies look like this. Differences are so minute that they could easily be passed over. Dingy (or Common) Bushbrown butterfly (Mycalesis perseus) it seems to be.

Dingy Bushbrown 1

Dingy Bushbrown 2

Dingy Bushbrown 3This morning I found that it was still inside the house. Poor thing, I thought. It must have spent the night searching for a space to escape. Or maybe it just rested. With the lights switched on, it started flying around like the night before. I gently opened a window and the cool morning air flowed in. The butterfly found its way out… to freedom.


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