The Badminton Ball Tree on G’ma’s 97th

On my grandmother’s 90th birthday, on 19th September 2010, she planted two saplings at Puttehahalli Lake.

The first was a Kadamba, that along with most of the other saplings planted on that stretch did not survive. The ground underneath has a lot of plastic, and this could be one of the reasons. The area is now a butterfly garden with lots of shrubs.

Kadamba tree planting
The Kadama did not survive, but I do so like this pic with my mom, g’mom and me! (taken by Usha)

The second sapling is now this Badminton Ball tree! (Thanks to Susheela for sending the pics.)

19th Sep 2017

While scanning through the pictures over the years (ones I’d taken and others shared by those who visit the lake), we see the steady growth of this tree, loving nurtured by those who maintain the premises.

24th May 2016 / 29th Dec 2014 / 6th Dec 2013

19th Sep 2010

Badminton ball tree planting 3
The tree has grown and the lake has changed a whole lot too! (Pic: 19th Sep 2010)

My g’mom turns 97 today! She is still mobile and keeping reasonably well, but her memory comes to her in waves. Not sure she remembers Puttenahalli Lake or the tree she planted. I am not sure she would recognise the place even if she did! In the span of seven years, the changes are immense. Check out PNLIT’s website here to see how the lake has developed these past 7 years.


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