10 years of IPL

Today, as the 10th IPL gets underway, we look back to our first IPL experience. It was 28th May 2008. Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Mumbai Indians at Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore. Memories captured with a simple phone camera.

Grandfather and the four of us made it to the ground early. Early enough to get our faces painted and get seated among loads of empty chairs. Our support clear from our RCB colours. The rain gods opened up the sky and there were points when we were apprehensive about seeing anyone bowl or bat.

The match finally did take place. Reduced overs, but with a good crowd.img052.jpg

And we took selfies with my non-selfie mobile phone.

The last IPL 2016, we watched at home in Mumbai, still die-hard RCB supporters.


RCB loyalty well rewarded… Kohli, de Villiers, Gayle and Watson, all on one T-shirt! Thanks to cousin Rajesh who is with RCB support staff.

Good luck RCB.

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