Memories of Sacred Heart Girls’ High School

Skimming through the household albums, I came across these photographic memories of Sacred Heart Girls’ High School, that my mom, Rukmani Nair, safely saved away.

Mom was a Girl Guide at school. Her sisters Leela and Ramani were Guides too. Leela aunty was in fact a President’s Guide. Mom’s memories are not just in the photos. As a child, I recall that there used to be a steel box at home, and in it she had kept her guide uniform, along with her neckerchief (scarf) and biretta. Not to mention, several badges, that she had worked hard to earn. They all would still be somewhere at home. She was quite keen that I should become a Guide, but the school I went to didn’t have Guides.

Sacred Heart Girls’ High School – Girl Guides 6th Company, 1961

Mom is last on the right

Sacred Heart Girls’ High School – Girl Guides, 1962

Dhanalakshmi, xxx, Maheen
Arti Mehta, xxx, Bharthi, Alfeen George, Veena Shetty, xxx
Neelavani, Rukmani, Merlin George, Lena Kapadia

Mom is seated, second from left; her good friend Lena Kapadia seated last on right

Sacred Heart Girls’ High School – Girl Guides, 1962

Mom is seated (on bench) second from right; Lena Kapadia on her right hand side

A school picnic to Nandi Hills was one of the highlights of mom’s school days. She doesn’t have any pictures of herself on this trip, but there are two pictures of the nuns and teachers.

Sacred Heart nuns, Mother Teresa and John, at a school picnic trip to Nandi Hills, circa 1962
Sacred Heart teachers, Ms Bina, Ms Rosy, Ms Champa, Ms Bajaj, at Nandi Hills, circa 1962

3 thoughts on “Memories of Sacred Heart Girls’ High School

  1. ierene February 2, 2017 / 10:38 pm

    Thank you for sharing these pictures!! I studied in sacred hearts too, and I can recognise some of these spots!!


  2. Arathi Manay February 3, 2017 / 11:33 am

    Good to know Ierene. Heartwarming is the fact that according to more recent students, the spots still exist!


  3. Radha February 20, 2018 / 7:48 pm

    Dear all.
    This is Radha Rani, your 1962 batchmate. So nice to see our principal, teachers and classmates during the best times of our lives.
    Very happy & Grateful for the pictures.

    Am based in Bangalore and in touch with Leena Kapadia, Rukmani Nair & Mary Chandran. I can be reached on 9886213644.


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