Mela at Lokhandwala Township

The mela in Lokhandwala Township, Kandivali East, ends today! It’s been on for ten days, and I dropped by last night, just to take in the crowd.

Saturday evening crowd

There was something for everyone… those who wanted to shop, eat, play games, enjoy rides and just have fun. I used my modest phone to capture some of the moments.

Amusement-park  entertainment

Some of the fun games were really tough. The gentlemen running the knock-down-the-glasses-with-one-throw game said that they had an average of four winners every day, from among the hundreds who tried (some trying multiple times). Profits for them, I suspect, were huge.



Fun games

Small vendors, pedalling miscellaneous goods

Miscellaneous stalls

Gwalior Natural Mix Fruit Ice Cream was making ice cream using real fruit. I was guaranteed by some of the buyers that the Rs 30/- I spent would not disappoint… and it didn’t.

Gwalior Natural Mix Fruit Ice Cream

The most fascinating of all, for me, were the two stalls where tattoo masters were creating real permanent body art. I was seeing it being done for the first time. One of the customers, a youthful girl, was cringing as the electrical “pen” wrote on her arm.

Tattoo art

Seeing the pain on my face as the girl’s arm was getting branded, one of the onlookers told me that she herself had got it done the previous day. She said that it hurts just a little, nothing I would not be able to handle! Was wondering if I should have gone back this last day, to get some memorable words or symbols etched on my skin, but no… I did not have the courage!


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