Film shooting at Lokhandwala Circle

6th November 2016: There was excitement at Lokhandwala Township this Sunday morning. Word was out that there were vanity vans parked on the hill slope going up from Lokhandwala Circle. Some ad shoot probably. But no. From security guards, we learnt that Sidharth Malhotra and Jaqueline Fernandez were in the vicinity!

From our home we have a bird’s eye view of Lokhandwala Circle, the activity centre of the township. This is the place for public meetings, protests, festivities and promotions. Earlier that morning, we had seen a group of motorbikes from the Kranti Maratha Morcha, setting out for their planned protest demanding reservation for education and jobs. Even after they left, the crowds around the circle, and the policemen still hung around. It was then that we realised that the “shoot” was going to happen right under our eyes!

From the trial runs, we figured that cars were clearly a part of the shoot. There was one scene shot with the camera mounted on the bonnet of the car.

The camera car

Traffic was being stopped intermittently. Drivers who ran out of patience couldn’t take their hands off their horns. Some just squeezed their vehicles past the barricades. Members of the crew could be seen running here and there. Cameras were being tested from different angles. It seemed chaotic down below. Film shooting in India must be quite a challenge!






Finally, everything was set for the final shot. I managed to record it on my phone. A good 8 minutes, but worth the finale. They had to get it right and it looks like they did. Check it out …

And after it was done, the audience descended on the cars, probably hoping to get a glimpse of the actors.

After the shoot

We were too far away to see them in flesh and blood, but if we do get to watch “Raj and DK’s next” (the film is said to be an action-comedy, directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K.), we know which scene we will be looking out for!

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