A glimpse of archery

Sports Authority of India, Mumbai campus at Kandivali East was the centre for the state-level inter-school archery championship 2015, in the third week of November.

Archery sign

There were hundreds of children, with parents, teachers and coaches, and their luggage, from all over the state. Not to mention the arrows and bows, which when assembled were almost the size of some of the participants.

It was interesting to see how the competition was conducted, given the number of participants. Every target with ten concentric circles (bull’s eye of 10) was used by about four competitors. As we were wondering how the scores were calculated, we were told that the participant’s name was written on every arrow. Participants got to shoot 3 arrows each. Then they walked to the target where their scores were tallied and arrows retrieved. And there were several rounds, some with different target distances, depending on the event.

Just watching was quite an experience!

Archery competition 1
Archery 2

Archery 3

Archery 4 Archery 5

Archery 6

Archery 7

Archery 8

Archery 9


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