On the victory stand

Not since college days have I stood on the victory stand, and the mobile picture taken by one of my friends made me dig out the past. Found my very first victory stand picture of 1974! 41-odd years later, it is a good feeling to know that one can still sprint.

ymca meet 100m 45
Bombay YMCA Meet, 100m, Women 45+, 26th Nov 2015
Running with windmill race 1974
Baldwin Girls’ High School, Running (with windmill) race, Nursery, 1974

A glimpse of archery

Sports Authority of India, Mumbai campus at Kandivali East was the centre for the state-level inter-school archery championship 2015, in the third week of November.

Archery sign

There were hundreds of children, with parents, teachers and coaches, and their luggage, from all over the state. Not to mention the arrows and bows, which when assembled were almost the size of some of the participants. Continue reading

Meeting Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is in the news… on many people’s minds, and twitter feeds, and facebook status updates. And not for a memorable film or an impactful episode of Satyamev Jayate. He said some things that some people are not happy with, and in case you do not know, you can read about it here.

In our India, people are free to say what they want to say as long as it is within the constitution’s Right to Freedom of Speech. Some people get affected and some don’t. Those who get affected are probably those who value the views of the speaker. So one needs to say things with care, and after much thinking. It becomes difficult, especially if the speaker is not far from the truth.

This raging controversy will take some time to subside, or till something else comes up to grab our attention, but the talk of Aamir Khan brought to mind my meeting with him a few months ago. It is posted on my autograph website, Just Autographs here, and reproduced below. Continue reading

Midnight adventure

When school exams are done, the days that follow, for the children, are mixed with joy and anguish as the corrected papers are returned. The one thing that I look forward to during this time is Gautam’s English Language paper. Creative writing under time pressure could be quite a challenge. The Std VIII attempt…

Write an original story beginning with the following: I cozied up in my warm blanket, on a cold winter night, when I …

Midnight adventure

I cozied up in my warm blanket, on a cold winter night, when I heard a gunshot. It was past midnight and I was watching television. My name is John Lee. I live with my elder brother Jack, and my parents. Continue reading

Vidhana Soudha close to completion

This picture of a portion of the Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore was probably taken around 1956, when it was close to completion. Found amongst other pictures that dad had preserved, it may have, in fact, been taken by him.

Vidhana Soudha circa 1956
Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore, circa 1956

Continue reading

The Rondo House

Scanning through some old pictures, I came upon the Rondo sisters Connie and Frank, taken at their Rose Lane home, probably in the late 1970s. Blanche, the eldest of the three who also lived there is missing in it.

No. 2 Rose Lane, circa 1980s
Connie and Frank Rondo at No.2 Rose Lane, circa late 1970s

From conversations with the Rondos, we had got to know that they had a sister Rose who had married into the Pacheco family and stayed in the house next door. The house is called Rose Villa. Her family subsequently sold the place and they immigrated somewhere. There was also a brother who had immigrated to the UK, and who I recall having seen when the house was sold off in the late 1980s. Continue reading