Newspaper wrapper

My neighbour of the last few months recently returned from the USA, after visiting her son. I had met her only a few times before she went away, but my boys seem to have accompanied her in the lift a few times.

The other day, I answered the door bell only to find her standing with a newspaper clutched in her hand. “For the boys”, she said. “I’ve been wanting to give this ever since I got back, and today I remembered.”

The thoughtfulness of the chocolates she shared touched. And the newspaper wrapper that she used with no hesitation at all touched as much. If only more of us would do the same, and be accepting of such a practice.

It was good to also see that the wrapper of each of the individual chocolates was made of either paper or foil, and therefore recyclable. No metallised plastic or non-recyclable laminate, as we find with Cadbury’s and Nestle in India these days.

wrapped gift

chocs inside