Tray composting with cocopeat

Laburnum Block in Brigade Millennium is a relatively small apartment complex housing some 50-odd families. For many years, the households have been doing segregation of waste at source, with the wet waste being collected separately by the housekeeping staff.

About 5 years ago, during one of my visits to the block, the then President, Prof. Bhat, showed me the pits located at the periphery of the site, where composting was being done. This is the way many of us, with ground space around our homes, grew up. The wet waste would daily be put into a small pit and covered with a bit of soil. After the pit was filled we would grow plants over it. A new pit would be dug next to the old one to continue.

As the occupancy of the block increased, so did the waste generated, and the association started looking for an alternative method of composting. Mr Virendra Kumar, a resident of Laburnum Block, has shared the composting method that they are now following.

The kitchen waste from the households is collected and kept in bins. Stray plastic and other non-organic waste is removed.

Kitchen waste
Kitchen waste

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