The coincidence of birth and death

It’s a weird feeling. One parent’s birthday is the same as the other’s death day. The odds, quite rare I suppose. With a 1 in 365 chance, it is a coincidence that Nagesh and I would never have imagined as we said “happy birthday mom” every year.

On September 14, two scenes flash before my eyes. Dad entering the house with a bunch of yellow flowers after his morning walk, surprising mom as she got our breakfast ready. Several years later, on a Sunday morning, Dad sitting up against pillows in the hospital bed, his frail hands holding the newspaper. He could barely talk and I wonder if the date on the newspaper registered in his still-alert mind. That same evening, while relatives and friends popped by to visit him and stood around the hospital corridors, some reluctantly greeting mom on her birthday, he was mercifully released.

Twelve years on, “happy birthday mom” comes with less pain. Still, dad, always missed. A treasured memory.

Always missed.
Always missed.
Dad, Mom, Nag and I, 1976

On International Literacy Day

The love for reading is a legacy to share, for “The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.” – Mark Twain

Our book corner
Our book corner(s)

Wishing everyone a year of good reading!

My Bangalore pic makes it to TOI

19th August is celebrated every year as World Photography Day and The Times of India newspaper had invited people to send in pictures of anything that described their city.

It was a thrill to see my photograph of Bangalore’s Namma Metro in today’s TOI supplement (Bangalore Times). Unedited, the picture was taken from the 13th Floor of Barton Centre, MG Road, on a chilly morning last December.

Pix of Blr TOI 03-Sep-15

The epaper can be seen here, and the full set of pictures that were selected from all over India can be seen here.