A road job well done

Incessant rains in Mumbai since last night. Even the birds are drenched!

Drenched crow
Drenched crow

In a city where rainfall, even when it is not heavy, is synonomous with flooding, the state of the roads in the Lokhandwala Circle area (Akurli Road) this year has been a pleasant surprise.

Over ten to twelve months, the municipality had gradually concreted the roads, cleared and rebuilt the drains and relaid the footpaths, with new underground drainage as required. We could see that it was a mammoth task. For extended periods, portions of the roads were blocked off, but life just went on… bikes, cars, buses, pedestrians, roadside vendors, et al. Work was completed well before the onset of the monsoon this year.

Road work in progress

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The state of the Lokhandwala Circle, hitherto a wading pool during the monsoon, gives no indication of the quantum of rainfall the place has received during the past day. Absolutely no flooding. Not sure where all the water has gone. A job well done indeed! Kudos to the local administration, MLA, corporator, contractors and others!

WP road 1

WP road 2

WP road 3

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