Y Nagesh Rao Manay family – pics through the years

Circa 1943
Circa 1943

My grandpa Y Nagesh Rao Manay (aka Dada), grandma Muthu Bai (Scindia) (aka Amma) and twelve of their children. The thirteenth was yet to be born. The thirteen siblings were born between 1920 and 1943. The oldest two daughters were already mothers at the time of this picture.

Circa 1955
Circa 1955

The full family – four boys and nine girls, minus the spouses and children, where applicable!

1st May 1989
1st May 1989

About thirty five years later… minus grandpa who passed away on 27th Aug 1971, aged 86.

In order of birth: Manjula Bai (Taai) Gaikwad, Indira Bai (Akka) Manay (Chavan), Manohar Rao (Appa) Manay, Shakuntala Bai (Bai) Suryavamshe, Hamsa Bai (Maai) Ghorpade, Bhoomanand Rao Manay, Venkoba Rao Manay, Sunanda Jadhav, Girija Gopal Rao Salunke, Bhaskar Rao Manay, Sujaya Sathyanarayana Rao Karade, Geeta Manay (Kadam) and Nivedita Dayakar.

Grandma Muthu Bai passed on, on 22nd Sep 1994, aged 91.

20th Dec 2009

A small celebration – seven of the eight surviving children and two of the three surviving daughters-in-law. Remains as such at the time of this post.

Y Nagesh Rao Manay was an industrialist, the “Steel Manay” of Bangalore. He ran the Steel Construction Co. Ltd., structural and mechanical engineers. This salvaged map below, probably from the 1950s, has contact details of the business. It is said that whenever anyone needed a job in Bangalore, they knew where to head to, so much so that every other family in Bangalore had someone working/ who had worked there. Finally, a board saying “No vacancy” was put up right in front of the premises on Hardinge Road (now known as Pampamahakavi Road), to deter the entry of job-seeking hopefuls!

“Oil expellers and spare parts” apart, grandpa used his steel for common good too, saving a Gul Mohar, as described in an earlier post here.

Steel Construction Co. map


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