Customised CapMagnets

By this time, on the night of 22nd February 2015, Bark N Bond‘s Pet Camp on the outskirts of Mumbai must have ended. And I do hope the pet parents, as Pranita calls them, are delighted with the little souvenirs that they are carrying home. Pranita Balar is a “certified Canine Consultant and Dognition Evaluator” who trains dogs, and is the organiser of the novel weekend getaways for families with dogs. About 25 dogs were expected at this weekend’s pet camp, held with the theme”Valentines”.

The souvenirs for the pet parents were specially made to order, by CapsToKeep. While the fridge magnets, as is usual, were made using discarded crown caps, the paw print mounts were made with cardboard from cartons. To complete the reuse-recycling endeavour, the packets for the magnets were made with colourful pamphlets and newspapers. That Pranita was very happy to be contributing to a recycling effort was most gratifying. Profits from CapsToKeep go to PNLIT, Bangalore.

IMG_1554-001 IMG_1553-001

Packets made with pamphlets and newspapers
Packets made with pamphlets and newspapers, ready with the magnets inside

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