Bangalore Cantonment land 4 paisa/sq ft in 1861

This hand-written document traces the early ownership of a 6000 sq ft plot of land in Bangalore Cantonment. The land was given to a pensioner, as a grant from the British Government in November 1850. In November 1861, the plot (must be with house also, because the land had to be built upon) was sold for Rs 250/-. Note the crosses (X) instead of signatures at certain places, indicating the inability of the sellers to sign.

The decorative cursive writing is difficult to follow in places, but the transcribed text (after the pictures) gives the story.

Land grant Page 1
Page 1
Land grant Page 2
Page 2
Land grant Page 3
Page 3


With the approbation and by the authority of H.H. the Rajah of Mysore / as communicated in the British Residents Letter to the Chief Secretary to Government of Fort St George dated 8th December 1815

I W.H. Elliots H.H. Brigadier Commanding Bangalore do make a grant of the underdescribed Ground situated in the Cantonment of Bangalore unto Pensioned Private James Carroll to be held by him or his heirs or disposed of as his personal property by will or otherwise to his natural heirs or to any European Pensioners only any other transfer will be invalid so long as British Troops may continue to occupy the said Cantonment & subject to the clauses & restrictions mentioned in the above quoted letter conveying my authority for making this Grant.


One Piece of Ground described as No B165 in the Quarter Master General’s Plan of the Cantonment of Bangalore


On the North side 100 Feet On the South side 100 Feet
On the East side 60 Feet and on the West side 60 Feet and
Being bounded on the
North by No B163
South by Open Ground allotted to Pensioners
East by No B164
West by Open Ground allotted to Pensioners.

Given under my hand and seal at Bangalore
This 21st Day of November 1850.

To give a claim to this Grant of Land building must be erected on it within six months from date of Grant nor can it be transferred before being built upon.

Brigadier (Signature)
Commanding Bangalore

No 143
Sanctioned by order of the Commifsioner for the Government of the Territories of Mysore

Mysore Commifsioners Office                                                               By order
Bangalore                                                                                        (Signature)
23rd November 1850                                                                       For Secretary

By order of the Officer Commanding the Divisions

QM Generals Office in Mysore
Bangalore 29 November 1850

                                                                                       Stands in the Register No 386

Bangalore Police Office
29th November 1850
Registered (Signature)                                                        (Signature Supt of Police)


I do hereby make over the wither mentioned ground with all title and deeds relating thereto to Patrick Harry Pensioned Private

This X signature of Pensioned Private
James Carroll

Witness                                                                                                 Bangalore
Ramaswamy Chetty                                                                         16th April 1851

Entered No 98 in Transfer Register

DA QM Generals office in Mysore
Bangalore 16 April 1851                                                                   (Signature)

Stands in the Transfer Register No 635

Police Office
16 April 1851                                                                                   (Signature)


I do hereby make over all claim and title to the within mentioned house to Mrs Jane Sullivan Pensioned widow for value received Rupees (250) Two Hundred & fifty.

The X mark of J Harry widow of P. Harry Pensioner.

20 November 1861


Stands in the Transfer Register No 857

Police Office
20 November 1861                                                               (Signature Supt of Police)


I do hereby certify that I have disposed of the property described in this grant to George —-, and accordingly relinquish all rights and title to the —.

The X mark of Jane Sullivan

27 Sept 1864

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