Bangalore Cantonment land 4 paisa/sq ft in 1861

This hand-written document traces the early ownership of a 6000 sq ft plot of land in Bangalore Cantonment. The land was given to a pensioner, as a grant from the British Government in November 1850. In November 1861, the plot (must be with house also, because the land had to be built upon) was sold for Rs 250/-. Note the crosses (X) instead of signatures at certain places, indicating the inability of the sellers to sign.

The decorative cursive writing is difficult to follow in places, but the transcribed text (after the pictures) gives the story. Continue reading

Holy cow! The best business model

The three cows occupy the space of one roadside car park and the adjoining yet-to-be concreted footpath. Shielded from the scorching sun by a natural canopy, they are tied to tree trunks and grills, wherever the rope goes around, lest they wander off. It is past 11:30 a.m. and Sangita and her twelve year old daughter Pooja are packing up for the day. Pooja studies in Std 7 and soon it will be time for her to go to school. This has been her daily routine for the past couple of years. Mornings on the road with mom and the cows, home for lunch and then off to school. Continue reading