Scooby Art fun

Scooby Art must be one of the most fun things to do, especially if it is a part of the school curriculum and you have lots of friends to share your experiments with. Over the last few months, my son Gautam has taken this beyond school, learning new designs on his own. There was a time when we’d find a scooby wherever we sat down. Hearts, stars, snakes, caterpillars, dollars. The helicopters are my favourite!

The craft teacher at school has been so impressed with his creations that she suggested that he holds classes that would easily cover the cost of his materials. We’ve now converted some of them into cute danglers and key chains, to give away as gifts or sell for charity.

Apart from the plastic scooby strings that can be bought from stationery shops, cloth string can also be used. The internet has many tutorials for those interested in learning how to transform these simple strings into pieces of art. If your hands are itching for something to do, give this a try!


Scooby keychains


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