50 years of the Brindavan and Shinkansen

October 1, 1964 was a historic day for the railways, both in India and for the world.

It was on this day that the first intercity express train of the Southern Railways in India chugged out of Madras Central railway station. The 360 km journey of train no. 12639, the green-and-yellow Brindavan Express would take 5 hours, stopping briefly at Katpadi and Jolarpet, enroute to Bangalore City. Continue reading

Feelings at 94

There is still no cure for the common birthday. – John Glenn (astronaut, who is almost as old as my G’ma!)

How must it feel to wake up on your 94th birthday, knowing fully well that it is your birthday? Well, that’s how my G’ma must feel this morning. With 4 children, 8 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren, a birthday such as this will not be missed. From Nemmara to Bangalore, the journey must be full of memories – some pleasant, some not so pleasant, of hardships and comforts, of doctors and medicines, of family and friends, of neighbours and neighbourhoods. 94 years. But as is said, “There is no old age. There is, as there always was, just you.” – Carol Grace Continue reading

My pots of gold

At a conservative estimate of 2.5 kg of wet waste per week, its more than 300 kgs! This is what my six compost pots have seen since we moved to Mumbai more than two years ago.

The pots are placed in an open balcony, and being on a high floor, there is good cross breeze. Inside, each pot is covered with a cardboard sheet (reused pizza box) so that the waste is not exposed.

Pots of gold
Pots of gold

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Trailing nature in the monsoon

The Bombay Natural History Society’s (BNHS) Conservation Education Centre (CEC) is an unexpectedly large patch of greenery right inside a busy metropolis like Mumbai. Located next to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Film City in Goregaon East, the centre conducts various “edutainment” programmes for all age groups, on a regular basis and on request.


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From crayons to perfume

Thinking of teachers, the ones that first come to mind are the ones who taught us in school. Some of the teachers were greatly inspirational, approachable and lovable. Some were discouraging and best avoided! There are happy memories and not so pleasant ones too.

I tried to remember the names of all my school teachers during the 14 years in Baldwins and turned out to be pretty successful. Not quite so for the next 8 years at Mount Carmel College, BMS Engineering College and Central College.

Memories of Ms Antonio, my first teacher in the nursery are only from the photograph.

Baldwin Girls' High School, Nursery, 1974
Baldwin Girls’ High School, Nursery A, 1974

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