The Kid who was ‘Extreme’ – The Wizard of Fire

One cold Chandigarh morning in 2012, my little son Gautam, then about 9 years old, was sitting atop his bunk bed and seriously writing away. Nothing could disturb him. After a couple of hours he jumped down. “I’ve finished the story!” Soon my elder son Siddharth started reviewing the manuscript with him. Neat cursive writing spread over several left over pages of a previous year’s school red-and-blue lined notebook. Together they made a few changes here and there, and then they were satisfied. The story was made into a “book” and copies were distributed to the boys’ classmates before we moved from Chandigarh a month later.

The Kid who was ‘Extreme’ – The Wizard of Fire    

One day a watch mysteriously falls into Ron’s backyard. Was he chosen by someone to save the world? Was it just a watch that fell from the sky? Will he use it for good or bad?

Read the story to find out.  

It All Starts

It all started on a cold winter morning.
“Time for my mission,” Ron said as he tossed off his blankets and yawned. He quickly got dressed and ran down.

“Slow down and don’t keep running. You’ll fall and get hurt,” his mom complained.
“I get it. You don’t have to keep telling me,” he answered back.

“Eat quickly and get moving!” his mom kept nagging him.
“Fine, fine and for the last time fine,” said Ron getting annoyed.

She continued talking “Oh! And Ron I forgot. What time do I pick you up?”

No answer… Still no answer… Ron had left!  



Ron was walking, about to ditch school when, “Oh man! I forgot my watch!” he exclaimed.

He quickly ran home. When he entered the door, “Whoa!”
Ron had slipped and he fell on the floor.

“Why is it slippery?” he wondered.

Just then his mom heard the noise and came into the room.
“Now do you see why I tell you not to run inside the house? I was cleaning the floor. Anyway, you forgot your watch, didn’t you?” his mom scolded him.

“OK, now give me my watch,” Ron said softly. His mom handed him his watch and he left.



He was on his way when he decided to ditch school. He moved off the footpath and hid behind a tree. He dumped his bag right on the spot and opened it.
Inside were cool gadgets and a spy uniform, not school notebooks and a sports track suit!

He changed really fast so that no one could see him. Zzzzzp! He zipped on his suit.
After that he pressed a button on his bag and… Wham! His bag disappeared, only his gadgets were strewn all over the grass!

Then he typed something on his watch and… Wham! A spy case appeared! He stuffed the gadgets in the case.
Once again he typed something and… Wham! He himself disappeared!


Time For A Mission

It took a while for Ron to appear but he eventually reached the School of Spy (SS).
He walked around for sometime and found the Front Office (FO). The FO was where all missions were assigned.

The Chairman, Mr. John Richards said, “Come in, Ron.”
“What’s my mission?” Ron asked curiously.

“All you have to do is kill the Wizard of Fire and retrieve the Primal Ring, which sounds easy, but actually isn’t. It takes a lot of effort to kill the Wizard. Plus the Primal Ring grants any wish the holder asks for,” Mr Richards said.
“Sounds easy,” Ron said casually.

“You will need these gadgets,” Mr Richards said showing him a handwritten list:
Light Saber
Dark Saber
Fusion Gloves
Inviso Shield
“I’ll get that creep!” Ron said confidently.

“One more thing,” Mr Richards said, “the Wizard has the Primal Ring!”
“Now that is bad!” Ron said stunned.


Where In The World?

After that long talk with the Chairman, Ron had to pick only those gadgets that he needed.

So he sat down on a chair in the corridor and arranged his case. “Light Saber, Dark Saber, Fusion Gloves, Inviso Shield… Yep! Got everything,” he said softly.
He coincidentally had only what he needed!

Now he typed something on his watch and… Wham! Ron had disappeared!

When he reappeared in a volcano, “Hmmm…. he lives in a volcano. That explains why he’s the Wizard of ‘Fire’. But where on Earth am I?!”


The Final Brawl

Ron started walking around aimlessly. He kept wandering. For a minute… for a few hours! Finally he reached a dead-end.
When he was about to turn back, he turned around again. Something didn’t seem right.

For a minute he pushed the wall with all his might. “Heave ho… heave ho…,” he panted as he pushed against the wall.
Finally the door moved! It was a revolving door!

When he emerged on the other side, he was shocked. The Wizard of Fire was sitting on his throne in the centre of the room!

“Who dares enter my secret lair,” he said in a booming voice. “Oh! So it’s a little shrimpy wretch.”

“We’ll see who the shrimp is now!” Ron said, as he beamed into the Wizard`s eyes and charged forward with his Light and Dark Sabers.

He was about to hit the wizard when, “O Primal Ring! Shield me!”
At once a shield protected the Wizard.
“So that’s the ring you possess, eh?” Ron thought, amazed at the power of the ring.

“Fusion Gloves! Go!” he said as he fused the two sabers together.
Once again he charged forward with the newly formed Fusion Saber. Although it had double the power of each saber fused into one, it didn`t penetrate the shield of the Primal Ring.

“O Primal Ring! Kill this wretch!”
Immediately a fireball shot at Ron.

“Yeah, yeah! What`s so great? Inviso Shield! Go!”
An invisible shield protected Ron, but the fireball shattered the shield into a few million pieces. Ron was burnt all over and black in colour due to the burns and ash on his face.

“This is the limit!” Ron muttered as he typed something on his watch.
He disappeared for a minute.

“Where did that little wretch go?”
He reappeared behind the Wizard and slashed him with the saber with all his might.

“Aaaah!” he screamed as he fell to the ground.
The Wizard was now dead and gone.

Ron took the Primal Ring off the Wizard’s finger.
“O Primal Ring, heal my burns and take me to the SS.”
Ron’s burns were healed and he was teleported back to the SS. He was right in the FO.

“Mission accomplished Sir. Here is the Primal Ring.” He handed it to him proudly.
“Excellent work Ron, if there’s anything we can do for you.”

“Yes, you can get me home in my school clothes with my school bag.”
Mr. Richards snapped his fingers and there Ron was in front of his house. He rang the doorbell.

His mom came and answered the door, “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, YOUNG MAN?”
“I actually got detention after school.” Ron said.
“This time I believe you, come in but you have to study.”
“Uh oh!” Ron thought, “What will I study? I might as well study something or the other, but first I will enter the house.”

Until his next mission!     


Copyright © February 2012 by
Gautam Manay Yajaman
Siddharth Manay Yajaman


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