Politics and children

“If Modi does well, then I’ll vote for him when I get to vote.”

“After 10 years? You can vote only after 10 years. And by that time you think Modi will still be there?”

“Why 10 years?”

“Elections are held every 5 years, so while I’ll get to vote in 2019, you won’t be 18 then… so you’ll have to wait till another 5 years.”

This was Gautam, aged 11, and Siddharth aged 13, discussing the upcoming elections. The conversation seemed interesting so I stepped in.

“If Modi does well. What does ‘well’ mean?”, I ask.

“You mean he may not become Prime Minister?”

“No, no. Suppose he becomes Prime Minister, what does ‘well’ mean?”

“Set the government straight and remove corruption.”

“Yes, he has to eradicate corruption and meet the needs of the people… food, water, electricity, housing, education. It doesn’t have to be free, but it should be affordable. So many people are living on the roads.”

Fulfillment of basic needs is what people want, and some parties are finding it difficult to finalise their manifestos!

“Whom do you think will be a good Prime Minister… meet the needs of the people?”, I ask.

Siddharth says, “I think I will. I should start my own party (laughs). I think Arvind Kejriwal will be good, but he won’t get enough support. The BJP and Congress will do the same as what they did in Delhi… bullying.”

Well, in six weeks time we’ll know our next Prime Minister. “And if no one has 272, maybe Gautam won’t have to wait 10 years to vote!”

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