Every Pi counts!

Alpha, beta, gamma. The first three letters of the Greek alphabet. That is usually as far as it goes, till you get introduced to circles and the math associated with them. Unless of course, you’ve been exposed to English fiction and/or Hollywood cinema and the Life of Piscine Molitor Patel!

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From Cutlery box to Key rack

The need: For PNLIT at Puttenahalli Lake – A wall-mounted lockable box to hang about 20 keys in a systematic way, making them easy to store and find.

The ready-made solution: Key racks / key hanging boards sold by PAN and other vendors. Rs 2250-odd.

An alternative solution: A wooden cutlery box (minus the spoons, forks and knives!), fitted with a simple hinged latch. And keys on properly labeled key chains. Continue reading

A Large Scale Composting Model

When segregating the wet waste from the dry becomes a habit (to the extent that soiled boxes, plastic packets and tetra packs also are cleaned/ rinsed and dried before going into the dry bin), it becomes difficult put all the waste into one dustbin, while visiting hotels and other homes. Often I’m tempted to carry my trash back to ensure it is handled appropriately. During a recent visit to Pune though, there was no such temptation. The friends we visited live in a large apartment complex called Camellia on the Baner-Pashan Link Road (about 300 apartments), and here segregation of the household waste at source is mandatory. Continue reading