Raindrops Geneva Award 2013 – RWH poster

At Puttenahalli Lake, we know the value of rainwater and its harvesting. After all, the only water that the lake receives is from rain.

Now here’s a good opportunity for artists to help in promoting RWH and win some good prize money too!

“Raindrops Geneva Award” is a competition organised by the International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA) to highlight the importance of this vital resource – rainwater – and its management. Continue reading

Safety and the Value of Life

When people work along the walls of buildings (yes – like Spiderman) at heights of some 200 feet above the ground (for cleaning, painting, water proofing, netting or any other reason), it is expected that there would be something tied to them (such as a rope) and/ or something put below them (such as a net) that will save them if they fall.

So when you see ten men deftly balancing on casuarina poles that they are also twining into a neat upward growing scaffolding, with only their skill and experience separating them from a smashing end, several storeys down, your heart goes to your mouth!   Continue reading

Of garbage and plastic bag alternatives

Bangalore has come a long way since this message I had posted on the ZWM-Blr google group <zwm-blr@googlegroups.com> in Sept 2010, about biodegradable plastic bags.

“About one-and-a-half years ago (meaning in early 2009), at Brigade Millennium Mayflower, we decided to go with green-colour biodegradable garbage bags for chute-disposal of garbage.

After a few months, we discontinued buying the biodegradable bags because – Continue reading