The label itch

Discomfort in the neck? Scratchy waist? Something irritating you and you can’t put your finger on it? It’s the label on your pretty / handsome clothes!

You are not spared by your frock, blouse, kurta, t-shirt, shirt, trouser or any other piece of clothing. Even little babies suffer from the label itch courtesy their little vests and rompers. And they can’t even tell you why they are crying!

So you search out your sharpest pair of scissors and cutoff the label sewn into the seam behind your neck, careful not to snip the cloth. You know you have a clean cut when your fingers feel no rough edges when running over the remnants of the label.

If you are less mercenary or want to have the brand name still visible to you or have a use for the size (S/ M/ L/ XL/ XXL) indication or the laundry care instructions, you let the label be and trim off the sharp worrying edges and corners.

If the label is not sewn into the garment but on to it and if you are some sort of a tailor or seamstress, then instead of cutting the label off, you take out your thread ripper to carefully remove the stitches without poking holes in the fabric. There! You have a label you can sew on to other clothes in places that they will be more visible but less bothersome.

A little more expensive solution involves buying no-sew tape that you iron onto to edges to shield them from your skin.

In earlier days, before the prolific use of acrylic, labels on clothes used to always be made of soft fabric, of whose presence we would be oblivious, such as satin or cotton. Some were even made of paper that could be gently torn off the clothes before use.

These days, some clothes still come with comfortable labels and some have the information printed on the clothes instead of stitched-on.

However, many many clothes, from local and international brands, have terrible scratchy labels, waiting to be “treated” before use. Wonder if the manufacturers of the pretty / handsome clothes have never been bothered by them!

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