The new Speed Post rates could give courier services a boost

With the presence of the PNLIT Store on eBay Charity, I’ve become a regular user of India Post and courier service companies – to dispatch purchases that have been made by donor buyers. We’ve had buyers from all parts of India, from large cities like Delhi and Mumbai to small towns like Chittoor and Soraba. To minimize our costs, I’ve always been on the look out for the cheapest way of shipping the products. So I’ve had the opportunity of experiencing the different India Post products and those of courier service companies too.

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My Tide bag

These days, several FMCG products, like washing powder and atta come in good quality plastic packaging. If properly segregated from other waste, these plastic wrappers fetch a good rate when sold to recyclers.

Sometimes (not always*) reusing is better than recycling. So another way ensuring that these plastic bags don’t go to landfills is by reusing them. How?

Check out my “Tide” shopping bag.