A note in a million?

The Mahatma Gandhi Series of Indian currency notes are issued by the Reserve Bank of India. Their printing is stringently monitored at the five official printing presses in India. So not many defective notes, like this one, reach the hands of the common man!

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Taj Mahal on voting day

Exams done, my sons and I set out from Chandigarh to see the Taj Mahal. With no pressure on time, we decided to travel by day. We left Chandigarh to New Delhi on a Monday morning, by the Jan Shatabdi, which doesn’t require one to wake-up very early in the morning! We had for company during the journey, an elderly lady who was returning to Delhi after attending a Baba’s darshan the previous night. She spent most of the journey knitting a sweater that she said she would take two days to complete. Such was the speed of her knitting!

A two hour halt in New Delhi. We first got ourselves on the right platform for our connecting train.  Continue reading